World stars at the stove

For the new cookbook "Die Oper kocht" (“The Opera Cooks”), 70 singers put on their aprons and chopped, mixed, stirred and kneaded. The result is an international and very personal collection of recipes, illustrated with 700 photos. Klaus Florian Vogt also took part and, with his selected ingredients, shows how delicious healthy food can be.




Warnung vor gefälschter Facebook-Seite

Warning about fake facebook page

On facebook someone pretends to be Klaus Florian Vogt. The page is fake. Klaus Florian Vogt is not represented in social media and has neither a personal account on facebook, nor on Instragram or on Twitter. 

Debut with the Berlin Philharmonic

Klaus Florian Vogt will make his debut with the Berliner Philharmoniker as soloist at the concert in the Waldbühne next year. The open-air concert traditionally marks the end of the orchestra's season and will take place 24 June 2023. Tickets go on sale on 29 August 2022, the program will be announced later. 

Statement by Klaus Florian Vogt on the Urkaine War

"As an artist and above all as a human being, I abhor Russian aggression, which is now finding another climax on European soil.My thoughts and sympathy are with the Ukrainian people and my respect goes to all the people who are resisting this injustice."